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Le Pavillon des Canaux, it is in the same time :
a coffee shop, a friendly place where we can (for real) work together
and meet new internet users, and the neighborhood.

Here, we learn new ways to share, to stay informed, to consume and towork.
We discuss the latest film in vogue or last TED conference,
Google breaking news or last push of Le Monde,

No matter if we argue about politics or the latest episode of Orange Is The New Black…
As long as we share around a good latte, our opinions and desires.


At Le Pavillon des Canaux, we drink and eat good things.
Our coffee is coming from Lomi, great parisian coffee roaster.
Fresh products, seasons menus andplates so flavorful :
That's what we promise for the lunch time, diner and even between.

Our recipes are easy and surprising, diversify, so fresh and especially,
all cook with love : soup, salad, bakery, slice of bread…
No need to ask if it's homemade, our cook would take it badly !


Laptops autorisés en semaine de 10h à 12h et de 14h30 à 19h

Today, the ways of working are changing as quick as your batterie of your smartphone is empty.
The needs and desires of workersevolve really quick as well
In response of this new way of working, Le Pavillon offers, the "coffice" :
a workspace open for everybody, offering both functionality of an office and the friendliness of a coffee.
This is the right balance between a cosy sweet home and a conscientious office.
Look up over your laptop, you will meet students from the district, amazed tourists, families taking a snack break,
parisian-workers in between appointments, grandpas of the neighborhood, girlfriends talks…

As we were wondering about the philosophy of this place,
we were hesitating between a space work and a good cosy coffee.
So, we decided to do both !


To sit down at Le Pavillon is like turning the pages of a Courrier International, but for real !
it's replacing a « share » with an inspiring discussion, a « like » with a real favorite, a « tweet » with a real good time.

Le Pavillon offers a portfolio of various events : Cooking lessons to cook like a chef,
Instagram photos exhibitions, pocket concerts, influencers conferences,
personalities that made the buzz, literary evenings, bowls tournaments,
cooking class parents / brats, special workshop manga drawings
and even a sellout to do our spring cleaning.


With his "house" layout,
Le Pavillon des Canaux offers different spaces to
receive your professional events from 10 to 220 people.

— Contact privatisation —
(pour évènements professionnels uniquement) Anne-Charlotte

— Contacts programmation Sinny & Ooko — /

(Français) Sinny&Ooko est à l’origine du Pavillon des Canaux.
De l’imagination de son concept à la mise en place de l’équipe opérationnelle,
Sinny&Ooko est le chef d’orchestre de ce lieu de vie aux fauteuils moelleux
et à la douce odeur de café latte !


Pour répondre à nos annonces, ou si vous voulez poser une candidature spontanée,
envoyez CV et lettre de motivation à
Retrouvez toutes nos annonces ici !


Nous recherchons des commis de cuisine, semaine et week end, midi et soir. CDI, temps plein et partiel. Vous avez une petite expérience en cuisine ? Venez travailler à la maison !


Pour le bar et la salle nous recherchons barmen et runners, en extra. Sourire, motivation, dynamisme et aisance dans les escaliers requis ! Voulez-vous faire partie de l'aventure ?


To suggest us a cookie recipe or an idea for the wifi password,
tell us sweet words (or even less sweet), write us !

tuesday to wednesday : 10am - midgnight
thursday to saturday : 10am - 1am

sunday : 10am - 10pm.

39 quai de la Loire 75019 Paris
(Métro Laumière ligne 5)

01 73 71 82 90