▬▬▬▬▬▬ HERstory – Série de 3 workshops 〰

Women Making Waves founder Charlotte Haimes and theatre-maker and solo performer, Elizabeth Wautlet, are partnering up to create a unique experience focused on self-discovery and self-acceptance through creative expression, in a judgment-free and shame-free environment.
HERstory is a series of 3 workshops to stimulate your creativity and to guide you in being vulnerable and letting go to become more self-aware.

Workshop #1 – INTROSPECTIVE INSPIRATION: Find the story within you
Workshop #2 – OUT OF YOUR HEAD & INTO ACTION: Give form to your story
Workshop #3 – GREATER WAVES: Connect through your shared stories

▬▬▬▬▬▬ HERstory #1 avec Women Making Waves au Pavillon des Canaux 〰

〰 Workshop 1 – INTROSPECTIVE INSPIRATION: Find The Story Within You 〰
Find beauty and inspiration in your own stories and begin to share them in acts of art.

〰 Pour ce premier workshop, trouvez la beauté et l’inspiration dans vos propres histoires et expériences et partagez les à travers des actes artistiques 〰

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